Getting Started

We want you to feel comfortable with your remodeling project, so we suggest you take the time to explore our portfolio of custom kitchens and baths to get some ideas. Once you have decided on what you would like to accomplish with your remodel, we are ready to begin helping you make that dream into a reality. Here’s how we’ll create the space of your dreams:

Step One:

Come into our showroom for a first-hand look at the products, and meet with an expert designer to discuss the details of your remodel.

Step Two:

It is important for us to come to your home and evaluate the space in person. We want to see how the room will need to fit into your lifestyle and gather detailed measurements of your space.

Step Three:

Your designer will return to the showroom and prepare a design for your space based on your unique requirements and requests.

Step Four:

Once the design is finished, you will be invited back to our showroom to review the design and approve the final details of your project.

Step Five:

After the decisions have been made, we will discuss the fees of your project, timeline, and finalize all contracts of service. Then, you’ll begin to see the transformation of your home!





Remodel Survival Kit